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Our firm focuses on three main practice areas:

  • Criminal Defense – Federal/State
  • Traffic Defense – Federal/State
  • Family Law

If you’ve been charged with a serious criminal or traffic violation such as a reckless driving ticket or a DUI in Virginia or a sex crime or you are going through the pains of a bitter divorce, child custody having experienced attorneys in Virginia who will do their best to help you is invaluable.

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SRIS PC has law client meeting locations throughout Virginia

In Virginia, we have client meeting locations in Northern Virginia, Central Virginia, Western Virginia & the Hampton Roads/Tidewater Area. In Virginia, we’re located in Fairfax County, Fredericksburg, Loudoun County, Lynchburg County, Manassas (Prince William County), Richmond & Virginia Beach.

Reckless Driving, DUI & Traffic Ticket Defense In Virginia

In cases involving reckless driving, driving on suspended license, a DUI, DWI offense in Virginia, it’s vital to have a Virginia attorney who knows and understands the traffic laws, the defenses available to you in traffic court and will do their best to help you.

The court system in Virginia comes down hard on anyone convicted of traffic crimes such reckless driving, DUI & DWI.

Most people are not aware of the harsh penalties associated with a Virginia reckless driving ticket – or think a Virginia reckless driving ticket is just a lesser traffic infraction, similar to improper driving or careless driving in Virginia. It’s not! In Virginia, the laws & penalties for reckless driving and DUI/DWI’s are draconian. In Virginia, simply driving 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit is sufficient to be charged with a Virginia reckless driving ticket, which is a class one misdemeanor.

A conviction for a charge of reckless driving in Virginia has the same consequences and criminal rating as drunk driving in Virginia, assault and battery in Virginia or drug possession in Virginia to name a few.

A conviction for a reckless driving ticket in Virginia may result in the loss of your security clearance.

A conviction for a criminal offense that is deemed to be a crime of moral turpitude pursuant to immigration laws may also have severe immigration repercussions. The importance of having a strong criminal defense by a Virginia lawyer who is knowledgeable about the immigration consequences of a plea in a criminal matter is absolutely critical.

If you are charged with any of the below in VA, you may receive severe fines or a jail sentence for any of these traffic or criminal offenses:

  • Speeding Tickets, Moving Violations & Traffic Tickets in Virginia.
  • Driving on Suspended, Revoked License, or with No Operating License in Virginia
  • Aggressive driving or Reckless Driving in Virginia.
  • Virginia DUI
  • Noncompliance and probation violation hearings following convictions in Virginia
Virginia Attorneys Helping Clients With Divorce & Child Custody Cases

Do you need help with a child custody case in Virginia or a divorce case in Virginia? The SRIS Law Group, P.C. Virginia attorneys can help you with any type of family law issue and will do their best to help you.

Our law firm handles child custody cases, contested divorce cases & uncontested divorces in Virginia.

Divorce cases and custody of your children are just as important as other legal matters.

If you need a Virginia lawyer to help you with a divorce in Virginia – you can count on our law firm.

Our Virginia attorneys’ understand the divorce laws in Virginia.

Our lawyers in Virginia are experienced at handling family law cases.

Contact us for help with any type of family law, divorce or child custody case in VA.

Some of the courts we cover in Virginia:

Fairfax Circuit CourtRichmond Circuit Court
4110 Chain Bridge RoadFairfax, VA 22030400 North Ninth StreetJohn Marshall Courts BuildingRichmond, VA 23219
Fairfax General District CourtRichmond General District Court
4110 Chain Bridge RoadFairfax, VA 22030920 Hull Street, NorthsideRichmond, VA 23224-4070
Fairfax Juvenile & Domestic Relations District CourtRichmond Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court
4110 Chain Bridge RoadFairfax, VA 22030-4020Oliver Hill Courts Building1600 Oliver Hill WaySuite C181Richmond, VA 23219-1214
Prince William Circuit CourtLoudoun Circuit Court
9311 Lee AvenueManassas, VA 20110P. O. Box 55018 E. Market St., 3rd floorLeesburg, VA 20178
Prince William General District CourtLoudoun General District Court
9311 Lee AvenueManassas, VA 20110-558618 East Market StreetLeesburg, VA 20176
Prince William Juvenile & Domestic Relations District CourtLoudoun Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court
9311 Lee AvenueManassas, VA 20110-555518 East Market StreetLeesburg, VA 20176
Virginia Beach Circuit Court
2425 Nimmo ParkwayBuilding 10, 4th FloorVirginia Beach, VA 23456-9017
Virginia Beach General District Court
2425 Nimmo ParkwayVirginia Beach, VA 23456-9057
Virginia Beach Juvenile & Domestic Relations District
2425 Nimmo Parkway, Building 10Judicial Complex 10A Municipal CenterVirginia Beach, VA 23456

You must ensure that your lawyer aggressively represents you in your divorce or child custody case in Virginia. You need a Virginia attorney who will fight for you in family court. Divorce & child custody cases in Virginia are very complex and you need a Virginia attorney who understands the family & divorce laws and child custody laws.

Whether it’s a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce, child custody or child support case in VA, the best time to protect your interests in family law matters is before and during litigation, not afterwards.

We Take Your Defense Personally

We consider ourselves to be your family lawyer in Virginia. A benefit our clients receive by having us as their Virginia lawyer is that we are able to assist you – even before the Virginia federal courts.

we also cover the following courts in Virginia:

Herndon General District Court
765 Lynn Street,Herndon, VA 20170
Vienna General District Court
127 South Center Street,Vienna, VA 22180
Falls Church General District Court
300 Park Avenue, Room 107EFalls Church, VA 22046-3350
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You are also welcome to meet with us at: our Virginia client meeting locations in Fairfax or Manassas, Loudoun (Northern Virginia) Richmond or Fredericksburg (Central Virginia) Virginia Beach, Lynchburg (Western Virginia).

If you would like more information or if you wish to set up an appointment with a VA attorney of the SRIS Law Group, P.C., you can call or fill out our on-line form.

Our attorneys and staff in Virginia speak the following languages: Tamil, Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindi, Malaysian, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Telugu.

The following are some of the questions our Virginia lawyers are asked by clients:

  • As my lawyer in Virginia, will you do your best to help me?

We tell all of our clients we represent in Virginia that we will do our best to help them get the best result possible based on the facts of their case.

  • Do I need a DUI lawyer in Virginia?

Our lawyers who assists client in jurisdictions such as Fairfax, Arlington and Richmond, VA tell our clients who consult with us that we certainly have the experience to defend them against a DUI in Virginia.

  • If I am charged with a crime in Virginia, who is going to prosecute me?

In Virginia, regardless of the county you are charged in, the Commonwealth Attorney is going to prosecute you.

  • Why do counties such as Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria, Loudoun and Prince William, Virginia so frequently charged speeding offenses as reckless driving?

Our Virginia reckless driving lawyers explain to clients that since these counties are so densely populated, they take excessive speeding offenses seriously and thus prosecute reckless driving tickets very aggressively.

  • Can I be convicted of driving on suspended license in Virginia, if I did not know my license was suspended or revoked?

The simple answer is no.

  • If I am going through a divorce in Virginia or a child custody case in Virginia, will I need an expert for my divorce or child custody case?

Depending on the facts of your case and your financial resources, our Virginia lawyers will advise you about your options and provide you with a list of experts our firm has used in the past to help clients.

  • Do I need a traffic lawyer in Virginia?

The honest answer is if you are concerned about points or insurance rates, you should probably consider getting a Virginia traffic lawyer.

  • If I committed a probation violation in Virginia, do I need a lawyer?

You should probably consider getting a lawyer for a probation violation in Virginia if you wish to either mitigate your violation, request the judge to give you a second chance or fight the alleged probation violation.

  • If I get a noncompliance notice from ASAP, how will a Virginia lawyer help me?

A Virginia lawyer from our firm can help you with a noncompliance violation notice by talking to the ASAP counselor and negotiating your re-admittance into the program and then requesting the court to give you a second chance based on mitigating circumstances.

  • How severe are the penalties for violating the Virginia domestic violence laws?

The penalties for violating the Virginia domestic violence laws can be very severe if you have a security clearance, have an immigration status other than US citizen, etc.

  • Does your law firm handle criminal cases in Virginia?

Yes, our criminal lawyers in Virginia regularly defend clients charged with criminal offenses in Virginia. We handle criminal cases such as sex crimes, drug crimes, misdemeanor crimes and felony offenses in all the courts of Virginia and the Federal Courts in Virginia.

  • Do I need a traffic lawyer in Virginia?

Whether you need a traffic lawyer in Virginia is entirely up to you. You are absolutely entitled to defend yourself if you have been charged with a traffic offense in Virginia.

Our experienced traffic lawyers in Virginia will advise you as to you options when you contact us about your traffic ticket or speeding ticket in Virginia. So often, once we hear about the facts of your case, our traffic lawyers in Virginia will be able to give you their opinion as to whether it would be in your best interests to hire and attorney, fight the case yourself, etc.

  • Does your firm also defend DUI cases in Virginia?

Yes, our dui lawyers in Virginia regularly defend DUI cases in Virginia and we are clearly aware about the DUI penalties in Virginia and how these penalties can create a significant burden for our client. A DUI lawyer from one of our Virginia offices will be able to advise you about your options. Our Virginia defense lawyers have the knowledge and training to defend you in both the Federal and State Courts of Virginia. The Virginia defense lawyers in our firm have trial experience necessary to defend you and will do their best to help you get the best possible result based on the facts of your case.

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