Virginia Computer Crime Act Violation

The Internet is a fundamental tool for the human being today. Business, communication, even our social life revolves around the computer screen, the smartphone or the tablet. It seems a utopia to think of a world without the Internet, but its success has also attracted a huge number of criminals who want to take advantage of this platform to make their August.

These are crimes difficult to prove since, in many cases, it is difficult to find the evidence.

These acts can be carried out quickly and easily. Sometimes these crimes can be committed in a matter of seconds, using only a computer and without being physically present at the scene.

Computer crimes tend to proliferate and evolve, which further complicates the identification and prosecution of them.

What are computer crimes?

The computer crime or cyber-crime is any illegal activity: (a) are committed by using computers, computer systems or other communication devices (computing is the means or instrument for a crime); or (b) Their purpose is theft of information, theft of passwords, fraud to bank accounts, etc.

Classification of computer crimes and their penalties upon violation according to the legislation of Virginia:

  • Computer Fraud:

Any person who uses a computer network, without authority and Obtains property or services by false pretenses; Embezzles or commits larceny; or Converts the property of another; is guilty of the crime of computer fraud.


  • If the profit is greater than 500$, then it will be regarded as class 5 felony.
  • If the profit is less than 500$, then it will be regarded as class 1 misdemeanor.
  • Spam:

Using an electronic media or network to send unsought advertisements.


  • If a person sends 10,000 spams per day or 100,000 spams per month or one million in a year, then he will be subjected to class 6 felony.
  • Computer Trespass:

It implies that the “delinquent” retrieves or seeks to destroy the computer center itself (the machines) or the programs or information stored in the computers. It is presented as one of the most frequent and most serious behaviors in the political sphere


  • If there is a damage of more than 1000$ by this means, then the person is accused of class 6 felony.
  • Computer Invasion of Privacy

The crime of disclosure of other’s secrets through the seizure and dissemination of reserved data recorded in computer files or media.


  • If a first-time wrongdoer and didn’t sell or spread the information then it’s a class 1 misdemeanor otherwise a class 6 felony.
  • Personally, Identifying Information:


  • Using a computer network to obtain through “trickery” any personally identifying information is considered a class 5 felony.
  • Theft of Computer Services:


  • If the theft of computer services is worth $2,500 or more, he is guilty of a Class 6 felony. Otherwise, it’s a class 1 misdemeanor.
  • Harassment by Computer: