Sexual Cyber Crime with Children in Virginia

Children are a vulnerable part of the society, who needs the guidance and protection of their parents and guardians. Children are innocent, and often, their innocence is exploited by adults, who are either mentally ill or just like to exploit children sexually. Such mental illness and exploitation can negatively impact a child’s mind and can ruin their present, as well as their future.

When parents think that it is safe to leave their children in Bible study or with a babysitter, they are wrong. There are predators everywhere, particularly online, who want to exploit children sexually. Virginia has strict laws and punishments for such people, to prevent a cyber crime involving sexual exploitation of children and to discourage those who think that they can get away with such a heinous crime. Technology is improving and updating day by day, and cybercrime is on the rise too, because of how easy it has become to commit crimes and get away with them.

When children are sexually exploited on the internet, then this means that there is a market out there that wants to see such sexual exploitation. Children are kidnapped when they are on their way to home from school, or when they are with someone who is a relative. Such children are sexually abused in live streaming; people, who commit such an inhumane crime, do so for the satisfaction of their desires and for profit as well. They use web cameras and live stream sexual abuse on websites, which are famous amongst their “viewers.” They even make the children do sexual acts with them so that they can earn more.

A live streaming channel is not necessary, as there are private clients who are willing to pay predators, to see the live sexual exploitation of children. They even tell the predators what they want them to do with the children. In developing or underdeveloped countries, where children are not very safe, such acts happen in an organized way, as children are groomed to be sexually exploited. In Virginia, when children are sexually abused through the involvement of the internet, then such a cybercrime is severely punished, as the prosecutors thoroughly investigate such cases.

Parents in Virginia and other parts of the world need to be careful where their children go, even though they are in their teenage and who they meet. There are internet cafes near communities or cyber dens, where children are lured in the name of video games and fun, and then they are sexually abused. It is not easy to find such perpetrators, because they are everywhere. Everyone has access to the internet, and it is becoming easier day by day, to exploit kids sexually, commit sexual cybercrimes and leave no digital prints behind. However, through tough legislation and stricter penalties, people can be discouraged to commit such heinous acts. Most of all, children need to be educated about how they can take care of themselves and not land in the hands of those who sexually exploit children through the internet.