Drug possession and its Penalties in Virginia

Punishments were the power that was attempted to prevent the state’s criminal behavior. A punishment is also considered a law and may be punished by a person who is responsible for committing a crime through the deprivation of personal rights or by the non-limitation of his personal rights. The punishment is a punishment imposed by the law enforcement authorities with the intention of punishing a person who is committing a crime or scarcity. Drug trafficking is a serious crime, and there are serious consequences for the defendant for illegal drugs.

Drug license in Virginia

Virginia’s drug distribution costs are rising rapidly. Currently, there are over 2,000 inmates in Virginia. This simple claim can be repeated over and over, but it is usually charged to punish you, and the real punishment for you is different according to your earlier beliefs. However, the charges for each charge increase, however, for distribution and product charges.

The law violates the law prohibiting the use of prohibited, controlled substances such as marijuana, methampretamine hydrochloride, cocaine, LDD, Clake Biodemus, and Opium, which are illegal and illegal. These laws have, in addition, “precursor” chemicals used for the cultivation of narcotic drugs, and some of the extras related to the use of narcotics are also unlawful. However, a drug is a drug type, the amount and the area of ​​the crime.

Charges for Drugs:

Schedule 1 (§ 54.1-3446), or Scenario 2 (§ 54.1-3448) is a Type 5 material.

However, some classes of class 5 can decide the mistakes of accusing people in Class 1 offenses, especially if their first offense is wrong.

According to Schedule 3 (§§ 54.1-3450) drug is the 1st offense. LSD, catamins and other high risk weed control programs are listed in three programs.

Scheduling 4 (§ 54.1-3452) is an offense to Type 2 drugs. The list of drugs in Program 4 contains high levels of drugs and drugs.

From 5th (54.1-3454) the drug belongs to class III. The 5th program includes many prescription drugs, such as painkillers.

The ownership of 6th Schedule (§ 54.1-3455) is a medicine of Class 4. The 6th program of Pharmaceuticals is the delivery of drugs for the treatment of STDs.

Penalties for Drugs:

The maximum trial for crimes in the classroom is a fine of $ 2,500 and a 10 year prison sentence.

A maximum fine of $ 2,500 fine for a form and a year in the bar

Their maximum protest for plastics 2 forms is $ 1,000 fine and a six-month fine

Punishments up to $ 500 will be imposed on convictions in class 3.

Calling for class 4 conviction is a fine of $ 250.